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In 1996, at the age of eleven, a family friend took Taylor on a hot air balloon flight over Scottsdale, Arizona; this was the beginning of his passion for hot air ballooning. Due to the FAA minimum age requirements for the stages of ratings, Taylor had time to perfect his skill.  At fourteen, Taylor began his flight training, and by sixteen had acquired his private flight rating. From there, he began competing in various hot air balloon events across the United States. Two years later, he earned his commercial pilot rating, and his career began to soar.

​Taylor received his  Bachelor of Science degree in Aviation Technology, along with his private, instrument, and fixed-wing ratings from the University of Central Missouri.

Taylor began his career in the "Valley of the Sun" and has reached new heights in establishing Arizona Balloons Inc. in 2016, flying over 18,000 passengers in more than thirty-six states. Taylor has also flown balloons for Dodge, Wendy's, RE/MAX, and Sanderson Volvo. 

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